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About Us

Founded in 2012 by experienced and well-connected HR Professional Poonam Tanwani, Humantra HR Solutions is a leading Human Resource consulting firm in India specializing in Middle and Senior Management hiring.

We act as a mediator between Job Seekers & Employers and create valuable careers with opportunities that serve as a catalyst for mutual growth & prosperity to both, the companies & the candidates.

We have successfully hired for Fortune 100 & Fortune 500 companies, & have become their preferred vendors in a short span of time.

We have been proudly servicing our clients with integrity and responsiveness and have a deep, long standing relationship with HR professionals in the markets we serve. With our exclusive dedication to the HR profession, we match the most qualified HR professionals with the right companies and are proud to say that HR people are both our clients and our candidates, and we know them well -- we know their mentors, career paths, strengths and development areas.