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Our Methodology

Preparatory Stage:

• Understand the client's business, management team, product, and work culture.

• Thorough understanding of each open position requirement specs i.e. scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships etc

• Building a blueprint for the ideal candidate.

Homing On To The Candidates:

• Search for the target candidates using proprietary database and reaching out to our network of contacts.

• Identify the right candidates matching the client's requirements.

• Shortlist and evaluate candidates.

• Narrow down the list of candidates.

• Prepare background profiles.

• Review profiles with client.

• Get Client feedback.

Interview Process:

• Facilitate client interview of candidate.

• Get feedback from client and candidate.

• Conduct reference checks.

• Prepare detailed profiles and evaluation reports on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

• Client Feedback to get the list of finalists.

The Final Selection And Follow Up:

• Coordinate Finalists Interviews.

• Negotiate salary and benefits.

• Expedite smooth transition for executive after selection.